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How can we go beyond the Kyoto Protocol... and of course Copenhagen ?

Steven Stoft explains you:

- All about what China and other developing countries had already announced

- Why the Kyoto approach is doomed to fail

- What remains the best realistic way to global cooperation



Frequent questions about the carbon tax

  1. Does a carbon tax make us pay more ?!
  2. Is the carbon tax a penalty for "guilty consumers"?
  3. The tax is going to affect our country's competitiveness
  4. the carbon tax is hard and expensive to implement.
  5. Why is the quota system not enough?
  6. Low incomes will be more affected.
  7. Isn't creating anti-pollution standards a less expensive solution?
  8. Can't we use “friendlier” signals?
  9. Can we refuse to heed or to use such price-signals, and just wait for technical progress?
  10. Is the carbon tax unable to change behaviours?
  11. Can we now assess the result of such a reform ?
  12. Won't carbon taxes break our economy's competitiveness?
  13. Is the problem of competitiveness not considerable for some energy intensive activities facing international competition, as long as countries undergo unequal constraints?